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If your browser is running JavaScript, rolling your mouse over the numbered items and several dozen of the more prominent features on the map below will display their descriptions or official names in the status bar above the frame at the bottom edge of your window. Note: Some browser/platform combinations will not display these status bar messages.

polar map

1.  23.5 W  60 SCrater pond near Darwin
2.  156.5 W  63.59 SPond near Keeler
3.  111.7 W  76.25 SNear Lau, another pond
4.  115.6 W  67.8 SHorseshoe-shaped pond near Chamberlain
5.  115.55 W  65 SBeardsleyesque pond
6.  151.36 W  60.58 S“Keeler’s Zebra”
7.  135.84 W  78.68 SPlayfair
8.  5.35 W  60.77 SWegener
9.  164.44 W  62.93 SCharlier

This projection starts at 55 South latitude and increments every 5 degrees. Its data was taken from Mars Orbital Laser Altimetry, courtesy GSFC/NASA.

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