Here's a pond I first heard about by way of an article by Hungarian astronomer Andras Horvath, for which Jozsef Szadai has kindly provided an This is MGS image M07-00853, captured at 65° S 15.55° W, about 170 km (106 mi) south of a Crater named after Canadian geologist Reginald A. Daly (1871-1957).

This shot was overexposed to the point that the fluid itself clips to pure white. The stippled, doily-like patterns those swarms of floaters trace within it remind me of nothing else so much as the flamboyant pen-and-ink drawings of British illustrator Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898). Like the Chamberlain pond, this one also partially surrounds its home crater's central peak.

If your browser's running JavaScript, rolling your cursor over each false-color closeup at right will highlight its corresponding area on the greatly reduced vertical strip at the left. At the published pixel scale of 2.77 m, that strip as cropped covers an area of about 10 by 2 km (6.2 by 1.2 mi). The larger floaters in the closeups are about 115 m (380 ft) in diameter, a bit over half the size of the Houston Astrodome whose clear span measures 195.7 m (642 ft) in diameter.

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