NASA/JPL's recent announcement of the mammoth subsurface stores of water found below 60 degrees south latitude on Mars coincides very nicely with the locations of those peculiar crater-bottom ponds and biological-appearing oddities discussed and examined elsewhere on this site.

To the right I've superimposed a properly scaled version of Mars Odyssey's February 2002 neutron spectrometer data against my stereographic location map.

My map starts at 55 degrees south. Only the pond near Darwin (at position #1 around 11 o'clock) falls slightly outside that zone of maximum hydrogen concentration indicated by the blue.
1.  Crater pond near Darwin

2.  Crater pond near Keeler

3.  Crater pond near Lau

4.  Crater pond near Chamberlin

5.  Beardsleyesque pond near Daly

6.  “Keeler’s Zebra”

7.  Crater pond near Playfair

8.  Crater pond near Wegener

9.  Crater pond near Charlier

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Stereographic projection map data: Mars Orbital Laser Altimetry, courtesy GSFC/NASA. Neutron spectrometer data: Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Arizona / Dr. William Boynton, principal investigator.

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